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It's all about the performance and the people at 100% Cityfide Entertainment! We're stepping out into the limelight to bring your high-quality plays and independent films created by talented and dedicated actors and actresses working in tandem with a community-minded production company that wants to improve your local performance and entertainment opportunities.
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Proudly Serving: California's Bay Area | We Have More than 15 Years of Experience

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"Purlie" the Musical

in July of 2014


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Get excited and entertained by the newest production and acting company in the Bay Area, 100% Cityfide Entertainment. We produce musicals, dramatic plays, and independent films. We are driven by our love for entertainment.

Everything we do is produced locally and spotlights homegrown talent. By supplying the area with a theater that has grade-A productions, we're here to turn our passion for entertainment and drama into a good thing for our community. We were born to do this, and enjoy the creative processes of acting, building productions, and all of the aspects of putting a show or film together.

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